Off-Site Storage

Safely archived in our warehouses.

Safely tucked away in one of our warehouses in South Africa, Swaziland, and Lesotho, Off-Site storage is best-suited for businesses short on space, or to store non-essential documents which may be required by statute to be retained for a certain period.


Files Archived in Filing At Work Off-Site Storage 

Neat and organised, our time-tested Off-Site storage solutions make easy work of filing and archiving.


Our handy staff are always available to transfer your documents between you and our warehouse, when required. We’ll collect your files, catalogue them in our retrieval database, transfer the contents to our storage boxes, and even return your lever arch files. When there’s a document you need, we’ll deliver it to you. And when you no longer need it, we’ll have it confidentially destroyed.

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For businesses with more filing space available on their premises, learn more about our tailor-made On-Site Storage solutions.