On-Site Storage

Efficiency in workplace, tailored to your needs.

On-site storage is best-suited for businesses who’re able to keep their documents on their own premises, and our stackable boxes are the most space-efficient around: You can neatly store the contents of 224 lever arch files on the same footprint as a single standard storage cabinet - which ordinarily fits just 50 lever arch files.


Organised and space-efficient, a single stack of 7x4 Filing At Work boxes can store the contents of 5 standard filing cabinets.


Our system is flexible, allowing you to easily add more storage boxes as your requirements grow.

With support readily available, Filing At Work staff provide help building the system, manage it, install our retrieval database software, and offer further training and support to your filing clerks.


If you’re short on space or have documents that you don’t need readily at hand, learn more about storing Off-Site, in our warehouses in South Africa, Swaziland, and Lesotho. Documents stored with us are easily retrieved by our own filing staff, and quickly delivered to your office at your request.

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Learn more about our Lifter, a user-friendly device we developed which allows for the seamless transfer of paper from lever arch files to archived binders, and back.